How to dress to impress?

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”. /Orson Welles/

A little bit sexy, a little bit modern and a little bit of classic - this is how I can describe this outfit. Each piece of the outfit is in away unique and gives an interesting twist to the whole look. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are probably the most screaming piece of the outfit, the wooden sole gives them extreme look but the material it self still keeps them down to earth with a help of classic shoe top in suede black and milk & chocolate brown. Very best friend for the shoes is gorgeous dress from Asos. This dress is perfect for night out, birthday party or any fashion event. The G-Star bag and necklace are very classic and neutral, but still continue to play the same geometric element game that has been started with shoes and dress. The modern illustration and lines on the white dress makes it really sexy as they stress all the parts of woman body, so be careful by wearing it in the right occasion. Simple make up and lightly waved hair gives this outfit finished look.

Dress - Asos
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Bag - G-Star
Necklace - Lindex

I hope you enjoyed this look! :))