How to dress for dinner with friends or date night?

Are you looking for something stylish, classy and fun? Here is my formula. I choose red pants with leopard print, white classic shirt and horse rider style vest. The brown leather designer bag and belt with gold elements adds expensive twist to this look.

I think this is great combination if you want to look fancy, feel comfortable and in the same time show your individuality by choosing bright colour wear mixed with accent on one main accessory (it this case belt) with the same style complementing accessory (in this case bag). As well this saves you time and effort to spend time and looking for other accessories like necklace, earrings etc as that would be too much and unnecessary. I think small gold watch would do the job. Simple make up and red lips and off you go. ;)

Vest - Massimo Dutti
Jacket - Massiomo Dutti
Bag - Wanlima
Belt - Zapa
Boots - Vic Matie
Blouse - Mango
Watch - Rotary