I Am Rocking My Black Fringe Skirt #allblack

Hey there, my fashion friend.

And I am back with my favorite outfit of this summer. I don't know what happen to me! Because up till this year February, I was all about the color. I loved incorporating color in my outfits. Literarily, colors made me happy. Or maybe because I just needed it that much that I started to look for it in my clothing and environment?

I guess that might be the case. Now I am in my back & white stage. And red and blue color here and there. ;)

To create this look I used my beloved H&M shirt that I bought in Kuala Lumpur, Guess shoes I bought in Singapore, simple black shirt and Guess Luxe flap bag that I bought just recently in Galerija Centrs, Riga. When I saw this bag I was like - I need to have it. I don't care that I need to use my credit card to buy it, I will put the money back as soon as possible. Yes, we girls do this. :D And the most "colorful" accessory, my red sunglasses, again from Guess.

I think I have collected unintentionally almost all my Guess items from my closet. Honestly, I remember in high school years I really loved the Guess brand. But now, something happened to it. When I go inside the store, a lot of items look to much "overloaded" with the details, which makes the whole outlook very cheap. Feels like it became tasteless. Or my taste became better? One or another, I guess.

What comes to clothing, I prefer to stay simple, with an accent on, for example, my jacket, bag, glasses or shoes. By doing it this way, it makes it almost impossible to fail. Of course, too many colors or different prints can make the look tasteless as well.

Without further due, enjoy. :)

All White Look for Hot Summer Days

Hey my fashion friends :)

I have been lacking on my fashion post, so I wanted to apologise. Ideally I would love to be able to make a shoot every week on Saturday on Sunday. And I hope I will be able to find some permanent photographers to collaborate with to make it happen. I really enjoy the process, I love creating looks, I like being photographer and I like to be able to share some beauty with others. :)

The idea behind this look is - simplicity, lightness and some flower-power summer touch. And on the other note, when then to wear all white, if not in summer?

I kept the clothing very simple, all white wide cut trousers (from Mango) with small white crop top (from Zara). I enriched the look with flowered necklace (from Doviles Aruodas) and purple bag from Mary Porter). Invisible detail of this look are shoes, simple nude suede leather high heels with pointed toe. Enjoy.

Let me know if the comments below if you enjoyed this look. Thank you. :)

How to express your personality through clothing (Winter Edition)?

They said: "Wear animal print, so everyone else knows that you care." :D

It's -5, -10, -15C* in Latvia and I am absolutely loving it. People in the morning even jog next to the beach, seriously Baltic people are survivors.

Even thought 95% of winter clothing is grey, brown and black, I love to pick out the rest of the 5% to dress into. And the main reason being, i love colour, i love to be bright and I don't like to blend in the crowd, because why should I? Life is fun, right?

So today we walked 12km with my mommy, played bowling, did some grocery shopping and catched local bus to get back home. It was lots of fresh air, walking, fun and chit-chathing.

I let my mom to be my photographer to share my Latvian winter fun outfit. Have a peak and let me know what do you think. :)

This was a strike. I swear!

Coat - Jake's www.peek-cloppenburg.de
Gloves - Uterque
Hat - Barts
Shoes - Ugg
Bag - Jaeger
Teddy bag - Reserved
Leather Pants - Michael Kors

P.S. 2016 January is the first time i officially bought something from Michael Kors store. And yes, this is the note for me, just to remember this, if anytime in my life in means something to me.

How to dress for dinner with friends or date night?

Are you looking for something stylish, classy and fun? Here is my formula. I choose red pants with leopard print, white classic shirt and horse rider style vest. The brown leather designer bag and belt with gold elements adds expensive twist to this look.

I think this is great combination if you want to look fancy, feel comfortable and in the same time show your individuality by choosing bright colour wear mixed with accent on one main accessory (it this case belt) with the same style complementing accessory (in this case bag). As well this saves you time and effort to spend time and looking for other accessories like necklace, earrings etc as that would be too much and unnecessary. I think small gold watch would do the job. Simple make up and red lips and off you go. ;)

Vest - Massimo Dutti
Jacket - Massiomo Dutti
Bag - Wanlima
Belt - Zapa
Boots - Vic Matie
Blouse - Mango
Watch - Rotary

How to dress for my happiness?

Oh, starting with OH, but yeah, I am all about the colours. This is what makes me happy, what inspires and makes me smile. That's my drug, girl. I am addicted. And there is a clear reason why it is my daily dose.

Colours affect moods and emotions. Colour therapy uses this sensitivity to colour to identify and correct any imbalances in the body's internal energy patterns that might lead to emotional or physical ill health.

Therapists believe that each organ and body system has its own characteristic vibrational energy, and disorders can be healed by applying colour of the corresponding vibrational energy, either to the whole body or to the organ concerned. For example, the red spectrum affects our physical energies. It is stimulating and warming. Blues are cooling and cleansing, affecting our spiritual energies. The yellow shades serve to bridge them, affecting our mental energies. The three colors together provide opportunities for healing our body, mind, and spirit.

What colour pieces are on you at the moment? - I want to know. :)

Coat - Zara
Skirt - Primark
Top - River Island
Shoes - Vince Camuto
Bag - Unknown (bought in LND souvenir shop :))

How to dress to impress?

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”. /Orson Welles/

A little bit sexy, a little bit modern and a little bit of classic - this is how I can describe this outfit. Each piece of the outfit is in away unique and gives an interesting twist to the whole look. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are probably the most screaming piece of the outfit, the wooden sole gives them extreme look but the material it self still keeps them down to earth with a help of classic shoe top in suede black and milk & chocolate brown. Very best friend for the shoes is gorgeous dress from Asos. This dress is perfect for night out, birthday party or any fashion event. The G-Star bag and necklace are very classic and neutral, but still continue to play the same geometric element game that has been started with shoes and dress. The modern illustration and lines on the white dress makes it really sexy as they stress all the parts of woman body, so be careful by wearing it in the right occasion. Simple make up and lightly waved hair gives this outfit finished look.

Dress - Asos
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Bag - G-Star
Necklace - Lindex

I hope you enjoyed this look! :))

How not to overdo with my outfit?

Autumn is the time of the year when nature is slowly preparing for a long sleep. You can see leaves falling and being blown up in the sky by the wind and after flushed away by the rain. It's time of drastic changes, so for my #musthave autumn look I choose bright yellow Zara coat, sea blue Oliver Bonas jewellery that reminds me of warm summer, long grey knitted dress with lace elements from Vero Moda and simple Högl black heels with Jeager bag.

Basically - super simple. All the accent are on the jewellery and coat. And this is how it should be, you do not want to mess around and put together all the peaces that are very strong by them self. There is always a neutral side and THE accent. Of course if taste matters for you.

Coat - Zara
Knitted dress - Vero Moda
Necklace & Bracelet - Oliver Bonas
Bag - Jeager
Shoes - Högl

How to dress in my 20s ?

Love, love, love early autumn, when it is filled with so many colours from the nature. Super magical. I absolutely enjoy to style and mix us some layers that makes me feel warm and cozy. In this outfit I mixed up some basic wardrobe peaces that can be reused for many other outfits as well. For example, you can replace the gold skirt with pair of dark blue jeans and glittery black bag with some neutral black leather pieces and - whola, this will turn into perfect daytime outfit. And outfit itself is pretty costless, i am it is not 500 dollars. i got the shirt from Primark for less then a 10£, Zara basic shirt again less a 10£. I bought Accesorize necklace a while ago on the discount for less then a 10€, Charles & Keith bag again bought a while ago on the discount for about 15€, Hogl boots are actually my moms (yes, i am lucky, we have the same size) and this is an investment of around 150€, that you make once in 2-6 years (depending on your wearing style) and that is absolutely a #musthave peace in the wardrobe - black simple and comfortable wedges, that you can always relay on and wear with anything! And the last piece - faux fur jacket, this is a fashion thing, that you can potentially update even every season as they are quit inexpensive. You can get one good quality for less then a 100€, usually they are around 60-90€. So yes, the total cost for me for this outfit was just buying a faux fur jacket and shirt, as all the other things I already owned. And btw, I found my jacket at Asos.

Please let me know what do you think about this outfit and the thought about investing in a good pair of shoes? :)

Coat: Barney's Originals Ombre Faux Fur Coat from Asos
Skirt: Primark
Boots: Hogl
Bag: Charles & Keith
Shirt: Zara
Necklace: Accesorize