6 Ways to Make Running More Fun

1. Download Spotify App on your phone

Your jogging will be more fun with a great music. You can pick a new playlist any time and there are even pre-made workout playlist available for you to listen to.

2. Focus on your surroundings


Find a new locations to get lost in! You will be able to run more and your excitement of seeing new places will shadow your tiredness.

3. Track your success

Use RunKeeper App to track and record your success and new achievements. App is tracking your distances and speed, so after every run you will always be updated on progress you are making.

4. Reward yourself

After a run to a new location you can go to a nice healthy cafe or restaurant to have a meal or maybe when you return home there would be already waiting one of your most favourite dishes. Sounds like a plan?

5. Find a buddy or group with likeminded people


You can find likeminded people online (MeetUp.com) or encourage one of your friends to start jogging after work or during the weekends. You will feel more comfortable exploring new places and routes if there will be somebody next to you.

6. Have a goal

Why you decided to run? What is your goal? Do you want to become fitter, healthier, think about life while you are running? There can be many reasons and by having at least one you could be more motivated.