How to wash your sport shoes in the washing machine?

Do you really loved your shoes when you bought them, but they are so dirty that you skip to wear them? Washing machine can give them a second life and you will be very surprised with the result.

I have a light blue Nikes with white shoe sole and can you imagine how they looked after long day in the forest walking throw the mud, sand and grass? Yup, no really great. Actually I was about to throw them out. But, I came up with a solution.

1. Wash your sport shoes under the tap as much as you can and allow water to flow in to shoe inside as well.

2. Prepare other wear that you would be ready to wash you shoes with, of course nothing super fancy, but something like hoodies, trousers, jeans, socks... so that your shoes don't hit washing machine walls while they are spinning.

3. Put everything in washing machine and choose 30 or 40 degree heat.

The result is quit surprising, isn't it?

Good luck with washing. :)