How to be 699% safe using Facebook?

Hey guys,

I hope you all are doing well. :)

I wanted to share something that happened to my #Facebook profile yesterday and I wanted to remind myself and you guys, how mindful we should be online by clicking on the links.

So my story. I was scrolling throw my facebook feed via iphone as on my #Chrome browser I have an extension called "News Feed Eradicator for Facebook" ( and it prevents from seeing all your posts.


Sorry guys, I just think it is a waist of my time and I better do something more meaningful, but anyway, once in a while I tend to scroll my feed via iphone or just go to specific profiles I am interested in.

So yesterday was the day, and thanks to my big curiosity in life I clicked on the one post posted by one of you guys :D and got redirected to another page, so in them moment that page got access to my facebook login details and now was able to post on my feed everything it wanted. Scary right?


So this is in a way our online reputation and do you really want your friends to see all these scams on your feed, and plus, because you posted them your friends feel more reliable to actually click on that link and get this #virus too.

I am here to help and NOW lets all together to go to our Facebook and delete all the scamy apps that has access to our login details. Why you should do this?

  1. First off all, do you want third-party service to have a full access to your account and login details and I can probably guess that this password is probably used in your other social media sites, right? :D
  2. This will prevent your fiends to seeing all these virus posts
  3. This will prevent your friends from getting this virus
  4. This will declutter your facebook feed and what your fiends see about you

So, Kristina, tell me how I can do this!!! - Okay, follow the steps below.

1. Go to your Facebook profile and on the right top corner click arrow

2.  Towards the end find "Settings and click on it"

3. Click on "Apps" on the left side on the screen

4. Delete all apps you don't know or now using anymore! Boom. What a relief? All those apps/companies had a full access to your profile, photos, personal information etc.


Conclusion. Guys be secure, be mindful, store you precious login details safe.

I highly recommend using @LastPass ( in this instance. It works as a browser extension where you can store all your unique passwords for all web sites you are using. All your gmails, web services, online platforms, business passwords etc. Do no, DO NOT use the same password for everything! Online industry is booming and there are a lot of hackers and individuals who are taking advantage of your insecurity and #iDidNotKnewThis :)

Have a great day, take care of your online face and don't be selfish - send it to your friend :)