How to be happy 24/7/356?

Yesterday I met one of my ex classmates and something he said stuck in my mind. He called me “Miss Happiness”. It is definitely a very nice feedback and honestly it is something that I have been lately thinking about a lot.

So today I decided to share what I think is Happiness.

In my opinion, happiness is the state of mind. It is how we see the world and decide to react.

You see, every day we make 1’000…+ decisions. Every step we make is a decision. Every word we say is a decision. Every smile we decide to share with somebody is our decision. We make decisions every second, every minute, every single damn moment.

It is infinite action, that our brain is constantly triggering without even asking us a question.

And now I feel I want to get down to basics. If we look on our life from the side, we can see the story and many actors with different roles. And instead of somebody saying us what we need to do, we decide it ourself every single time, so that means I am an actor and producer at the same time. And what do producer do?

Lets see what google says!

“Producers play an integral role in the television, film and video industries. A producer will oversee each project from conception to completion and may also be involved in the marketing and distribution processes. Producers work closely with the directors and other production staff on a shoot."

So you see:

  1. Producers play an integral role - necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental.
  2. Oversee each project.
  3. Also involved in the marketing and disruption processes.
  4. Works closely with others.

So what if I say? -

I play an integral role in my life. I can plan, think, decide and oversee my life and state of mind every second. I work closely with other people and deliver my visions, options and thought. I am creator of my life and happiness”.


Not convinced?

I see many times people are looking for happiness in things and other people. And this is huge.

Have you noticed people who are constantly with somebody together (like dating)? - I am! And all the time I wonder - how? Again? - 1 year with one person, 1 week alone, 2 years with another person, 2 week alone, 3 years with another person. Crazy. I call these people vampires. Who constantly are seeking for a harmony, peace and love in other people, but the core problem is that they are not fully in love, happy and satisfied with them selfs. They think 0,5 girl and 0,5 boy is 1 whole and complete.

But in the reality we each are 1, we are whole and complete. We are our own happiness, ONLY I can make myself happy, because I DECIDE to be happy every moment.

Or have you heard? - When I will get this, then I will be happy or when I achieve that I will be happy.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination; Happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late. The time for happiness is today not tomorrow.” - Paul H Dunn

I have learn or you can say - I have trained myself to be happy every single moment. And it is true. I did not had this mindset that I have not even 2 years ago. I put a lot of energy and time in thinking and learning about this topic. It is a journey. And now I am proud to say that yes, I feel happy all the time, I don’t have any “downtimes”, because I choose not to have. It is a constant decision I make.

Another great think I have learned and realised - to be happy by doing super basic and simple things, because honestly life is and should feel simple. It is all about how we decide to think or 'overthink’. React or ‘overreact’.

For example, I am happy that I had a super nice company dinner with my team and I enjoyed every single second, I am happy because I had a great night sleep, I am happy because I woke up and was able to go to the beach. I am happy because I was able to breathe the fresh air. I am happy because I can smile. I am happy about me, about the progress I am making every day, I am happy about everything. YES - I AM HAPPY!

Like seriously, you can call me crazy, but I am happy about every challenge and every thing that gets in my way and I do not know what to do, because this is a chance for me to stop for a second and think - oh, wow, this is interesting, let’s think, what is this and how should I reach, what should I do? Life is a never ending flow, and once we decide to fully open ourself and accept anything that comes our way, life and happiness comes easy, because you just stop thinking about it, it is something you become.

And this is really, truly, obviously how I feel. I am happy, because I choose to be happy, because I want to be happy, because I want to help others to be happy. It is like a biological happiness chain that you can create and once you are in, it becomes easy to be a part of it. 😃

Wow, this is a long one, sorry, I did not wanted it to be this long, but my fingers are still keeping hitting the keyboard and I just can’t stop. Happiness is my favourite topic and I just can’t stop. 😀

Happy holiday,
Your Miss Happiness

p.s. English is my 3rd language, so if you spot any mistake, feel free to let me know. I am always happy to improve. :)