6 Simple Things That Make Me Happy Every Day

I finally decided to write down all the things that I can do every day to make me happier.

1. Wake up early. I usually wake up at 6 AM, drink a big glass of water and go to the gym or for the run.

2. Exercise. This is an important part of my daily routine. Regular workouts make me happy, helps to build a strong discipline (in any aspect of my life), teaches me always to push more & harder to reach new fitness and life goals, make me stronger physically and mentally. Exercise is huge! For me it is a must, it is like breathing fresh air.

3. Meditation. I started to meditate about a year ago, but I have taken brakes and those brakes made me realise how big impact meditation is making on me. Meditation is making me very calm, takes away any stress or anxiety. I think nowadays living in such a fast and success have driven society, it is very important to be in peace and harmony with yourself and your life. Because only by checking Instagram feed we can get to a place where we think - I am not enough or my life sucks, because I am not doing this, I am not experiencing this, I don't look like he/her... and all this bull shit. I think what is very important is to realise that our life = my life is a continues journey. I can switch roads anytime I want. I can change. I can become better and by doing that I can inspire somebody else, who might have a similar struggle. You / I just need to be ready to turn my/your mess into the message and be fricking proud of it! Yes, we need to be proud of where we are, what we know and what we can do. Stop complaining and take action. Ok, did a started with the word 'meditation'? Sorry. :)

4. Journalling. This is what I am doing now. I actually started to write down all these thoughts on the paper, and then I am like - mh, I have a blog, I should write it there! These are the things that I want to do every day, but I am still skipping (damn me), so I thought "you know what - I will share this and maybe help somebody else". :) Okay, you don't need to start a public journal now, just start where you feel comfortable. Start with Saturday mornings. See how you feel like after putting your thought down. In my personal experience it really helps to 'clean up my mind' and makes me feel lighter (when I actually do it, khe-khem).

5. Clean - healthy - plant based - vegan diet/food. This is my personal preference. I am not saying you need to become a raw vegan now to feel happy, BUT what it does to me:
- keeps me energised (yaas, anybody who has spent some time with me knows that I just need to move and do something i.e. Movement Is A Life For Me :))
- keeps me lean and fit (anybody loves carrying some extra fat in here? :D)
- keeps my skin healthy and glowing (who loves pimples, doah?)
- helps to get a better sleep (no more nightmares after cola-chips-cake-popcorn dinners, because why should you put that cheap crap in your body??)
- potentially makes me look younger in the future. If I keep myself lean, then for sure, I don't wear out my body quicker by just every day carrying an extra 15kg on my bones and I am overall just happier person by being fit and healthy. These are evident, but if you google, you will find 101 benefit of being lean & vegan &, etc. throughout your life.

6. Podcasts. I love to listen to podcasts. Currently, my favourite podcast is The School Of Greatness with Lewis House. Podcasts have mega positive, inspiring and motivating effect on me. It is great to be able to hear all these life stories of already very success people. It is interesting to listen to their struggles, ups and downs, successes and just understand how they go about their life. Every podcast holds tremendous value and knowledge that you can implement in your life. Also it is super easy to absorb and listen to these podcasts because you can be on the go, driving in the car, at the gym or making a cup coffee, just put your phone next to you or use your headphones.

Please share your things that makes you happy everyday. I would love to hear. :))