How to grow your nails in 30 days?

Nails, calves, gelish, manicure... Yes, we love that all. I have been asked so many times - Kristina, what do you do to grow your nails so long? And what do you do to keep them long, so they do not brake?


I hope you are ready to hear it - diet!. Yes, it all comes down to diet. You can drink any and every supplement in the world, but it will never give you life long result as the diet will do.

I am vegan. Every day I eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, grains, sprouts,healthy fats like seeds etc. I literarily  pack my body with fiber, vitamins an nutrients.

In the list below you can see all the foods I typically eat every day:

1. Avocado
2. Sesame seeds
3. Carrot
4. Tomato
6. Beetroot (raw)
7. Celery
8. Sprouts
9. Sun-dried tomatoes
10. Coconut milk
11. Lentils
12. Chickpeas
13. Green leaves
14. Spinach
15. Different types of beans

Here are some home made dishes I eat:

As you can see I do not cheat on my meals. I don't have cheat meals and I don't want to have a cheat meals, because that just means I am cheating on my body, and why should I?

I want to be fit, healthy, energetic, have beautiful long hair, have healthy nails and skin, I just want to feel great. And to achieve that, I do not rely on a pill. Supplements will not gonna make you slim and healthy. What you put in your body is very clear by just looking at the mirror, it is a reflection.

So do you want to invest 30 euros in pills or in healthy food?

This is one of my favourite topics, and I can go on and on, but the main message is - don't cheat, your every action either takes you closer or pushes you back, so be smart and love your self. Feed yourself with fresh and raw foods, that has the most fiber, vitamins an nutrients. It will be the best investment you can make to achieve fantastic life long results!

Peace :)